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“I Heart Boho” Wall Hanging

“I Heart Boho” Wall Hanging

How adorable is this heart-shaped wall hanging?!?  You’re reeeally going to fall in love with it once you find out what a cinch it is to make!  Ready?  Let’s do this!

1 mop head (yep, you heard me )
1 piece of cardboard
1 packet of juice powder (we used red Koolaid for this one)
tacky glue
And that’s it!

Okay…so first deconstruct the mop, and pull apart the string pieces.  If it’s too difficult to pull it apart, then just cut off the strings.  Each mop head has so many strings that you can make loads of these using just one.  Then cut your cardboard into a heart shape.  Or you can use a cookie cutter or any other heart-shaped item with a hole in the middle.

Now it’s time to start wrappin’!  Glue one end of a piece of mop strip to the heart, then wrap it around and around until you get to the end of the string.  Then glue that down.  Keep gluing strings around the heart until all of it is covered but about the bottom third.

Now start the bottom strings that will hang from the heart.  Use a loop knot to attach each piece of string. Use enough strings to cover the portion you left unwrapped.

Continue until the entire heart is covered.  Then take a second to cheers yourself for creating such an adorable craft using only cardboard and a mop head.  Right?!?

It’s so pretty that you might want to leave it as is, but if you want to add a bit of color, make the juice as instructed on the packaging, then use it as a dye for your wall hanging.  Just dip the ends in the juice/dye, and you’ve got yourself a Valentine wall hanging.


Then just trim the ends to make them even(ish), and voila!
You can also use any other shapes or dyes to switch things up a bit.  Have fun!

Please us know if you make this one!
We’d love to see your versions.

Thank you! XO


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