modern-design, kid-created art + play time



Welcome to Playhouse Art!


I’m guessing you’ve found yourself here because you’d like to further cultivate the love of creativity in the lives of your children. Maybe you are just looking for a different afternoon activity for your small friends? Or it’s inspiration you’re after or ideas for projects you can initiate with things you already have at home? Whatever brought you here, we can deliver.


Playhouse Art is a safe environment built on creativity, compassion and connection. It is a true home
for your children to explore, play and create, and most importantly, it’s super-fun!


With Playhouse Art, we offer the experience of an old-school-style play date combined with artistic expression and creativity. At every class, there are are multiple stations where children can paint, draw, tinker, build, etc. But they are always free and encouraged to express themselves in any artistic direction they desire. Most of all, Playhouse Art is about having fun in a relaxed, creative, uplifting space.